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This site is here to help you find your friends. 100% Free. No catches. No redirecting you to some other site that requires you ro pay to see the information. Best of luck finding your lost friends.

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The Concept:

  • The idea behind this site is that people are nosey, curious. Just about everyone has Googled(runs a web search) on themselves(their names) once in a while to see what their names will bring up on the various search engine results, thus potentially finding who is looking for them. If you are like me, then you have googled most of your friends too!!!

The way it works is very simple:

  • You create a "Lost Friend Posting", with that persons name and some information to help readers identify this person. The more Information you provide about this lost friend the better. You can even upload pictures of this lost friend, someone else might recognize him/her.
  • The system will then take this information and create a dynamic "Lost Friend Posting Profile" Page. (Which you get to preview before submitting)
  • This profile will have the person's name on the title bar, on top of the page, and will even use the persons name in naming the page. This will help the page get a better placement in search engines.
  • This individual "Lost Friend Posting Profile" will then in time get indexed by search engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Msn.com, Ask.com, Altavista.com and so on along with various others.
  • Now the next time this Lost friend or another friend of this person does a search engine NAME look up...YOUR "LOST FRIEND PROFILE" Page will hopefully be index on the first page of the search result. They will SEE IT, and click on it and find your posting. SIMPLE.
  • You can also create a "Lost Friend Posting Profile" OF YOURSELF. Just incase AN OLD FRIEND IS LOOKING FOR YOU!

Now here is the catch: THERE IS NONE

  • Posting are 100% Free.
  • Searching through our database of postings is 100% Free.(Our database is still small since this is a new website)
  • No registration is required to search or to post.
  • My Advice is this: Create a "Lost Friend Profile", then forget about it. Your "Lost Friend Posting" will remain active in the WORLD WIDE WEB, until you and your friend are reunited or until pigs fly. (to remove it, just email us using the same email you provided on the posting)

Here is an example of a "Lost Friend Posting and Profile". Some of my friends I am still looking for.

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Some tips in creating a Good Posting...

  • Use your friend's full name.
  • Location, Try to mention his/her city and state. Or Where last you saw this friend
  • Small stories. How did you meet this person? What is this person to you?
  • If an old military buddy, then mention the name of the base and unit.
  • No personal information like social security numbers.
  • In the body of the posting also mention nicknames if any.
  • Be creative, Postings can be over 3000 characters, so you have room to write.

If you have a photos of this person, upload them, they will be displayed next to the posting. If you have trouble uploading photos, just email it to me and I'll make sure it gets posted for you.

Best of luck finding old friends and loved ones...